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Brice Walker

My name’s Brice, and I’m an addict and a visionary data scientist committed to revolutionizing through undeniably intelligent and groundbreaking systems change designs. I am the premier trailblazer who can inspire empirically enlightened resolutions for your organizational change efforts.

About Me

My pursuit of analytics and effective system management grew from my career in mental health and my own drive for knowledge. As an individual with lived experience in the mental health system, I pursued a career that would enable me to enact systems change and advocate for evidence based and ethical practices in the treatment of individuals with mental health and addictions problems. As I grew in my career, I began to see major discrepancies between the large scale epidemiological science and what was happening on the ground. The further I dove into this world, the more dysfunctional it appeared.

I encountered systemic issues in the institutions I navigated that supported archaic and inefficient practices that were not supported by the literature, like the use of drug tests to ‘hold people accountable’, an over-reliance on the 12-steps, and the preference for abstinence-based education over more person-centered practices like harm reduction. Other examples include the use of SSRI’s for depression, despite the research showing increased incidence of suicide, and the use of neuroleptics even though the literature has failed to show efficacy in the treatment of recurrent psychotic episodes and the evidence has shown a near mathematical certainty of long term consequences like tardive dyskinesia. Even in public health and academia, I encountered systemic forces that prevented services supported by technology simply because the funding would then go to start-ups out of state and enforced a philosophical view of health that was not holistic.

As a result, I saw data science as an outlet for identifying and enabling evidence-based practices that were supported by the data. My autodidactic approach to learning allowed me to explore data science unhindered by bureaucracy and politics. I now work to enable the public by using data driven initiatives to enrich their lives.

If you have any questions about my current or past projects, would like to collaborate on a project, or would like to hire my services, feel free to contact me via phone/email.

Contact Details

Brice Anthony Walker
3011 Harbor Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126

(208) 699-8446